Attack at Dawn: North Africa is a strategy game set in WW2 North African theatre. It is an operational level wargame which features 3 campaigns, and 15 scenarios which can be played in solo or multiplayer modes. It can be played as a real-time, or turn-based (WeGo) game. The game begins with the German troops probing into the Libyan region of Cyrenaica, and finishes either with the total defeat of German-Italian Panzer Armee, or with the British loss of Egypt and their retreat across the Suez Canal.





INTENSITY is what it's all about! Experience the rush of panzer spearhead blasting through the British and Commonwealth lines at Sidi Rezegh. Or the power of artillery fire in preparation of breaching the German-Italian minefield at the Second Battle of El Alamein.


DYNAMIC is the name of the game! Move your forces around enemy flanks, hit them in the rear and avoid their counterattacks. Use your mobility to your advantage and shift the point of main effort when the situation is right. Relive Rommel's right hook around Bir Hacheim, or Auchinleck's counterattacks at Ruweisat Ridge.


ACCURATE, or otherwise it wouldn't be a wargame! The units in the game are modelled on real-life units from that campaign. The orders of battle have been accurately and respectfully recreated to mimic the actual balance of power on that theatre. Years have been spent on research, to make the game as close as possible to the real thing. It's not a simulation, but it can be used to simulate historical events with great accuracy.



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