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Attack at Dawn: North Africa is a WW2 strategy game. It is an operational level wargame which covers the campaign in North Africa. Play it in Real-Time, or as Turn-Based (WeGo) game. Utilize its clean interface to increase your situational awareness. Experience all the major battles, and feel the intensity and chaos of mobile desert warfare!



FAST is the name of the game. Move your forces around enemy flanks, hit them in the rear and avoid their counterattacks. Use the mobility to your advantage and shift the point of main effort when the situation is right. Change the game from Real-Time to Turn-Based with a flick of the switch!


Game is POLISHED to be the clearest, most uncluttered strategy game you can possibly have. Choose your unit graphics style: top-view models or unit counters. And look at the clear and easy-to-understand map and informative unit markers, giving you great situational awareness!


HISTORICAL data has been researched in depth in order to recreate desert operations as close as possible to the real thing. Explore the orders of battle and unit dispositions, and devise your own plans. Relive Rommel's right hook around Bir Hacheim, or Auchinleck's counterattacks at Ruweisat Ridge, and change the course of history!



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